Well well, check out these statistics for Divin’ Kong!

Since it’s release in December of 2014,  the game has been downloaded 1,207 times, and played in 82 countries around the world!

Wait, it gets better! The game has had 26,654 dives…makes you think how many towels would be needed for Kong to dry himself…

Wait, it gets even better! 11 people from around the world have a score of over 10,000 and 1 person scored over 20,000!

Wow, it is absolutely mind-blowing, and those of you who downloaded the game read this, we MadSluggers just wanted to say thanks very much for the downloads and playing of Divin’ Kong, means  a lot to us.

Just make sure the next time you play the game, you have a towel at the ready for poor old Kong himself…

Want to see what all the fuss is about, then download it for **FREE** from the IOS APP Store.