Let me tell you a little bit about ourselves, we are ‘MadSlug’, a small, yet fun-loving, UK based game studio just recently started up by the new Dr. Frankenstein of Indie gaming known as Conrad Jagger (Chief Mad Slugger), but rest assured he’s not the only mad one, all of us ‘MadSluggers’ are just as loopy as him…

We want to bring ‘old school’ if you will, back to the world of video games via Indie games, mostly on mobile devices and Apps (yeah, yeah, we’re old farts when it comes to our taste in video games, get over it…), as we prefer to bring more of a ‘retro’ style to our Indie games, just like the old days…

We’re currently in the process of a simple-yet-fun game coming to mobiles soon, known as ‘Kickin Kong’, in which you control the monkey himself; Kong, to kick the banana as many times as you can before it hits the ground, this is the type of Indie game that is very additive, it’s just flat out bananas! (I know, bad joke…)

We have plans for other Indie games of course, so by all means, keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as we plan to make a whole lot of noise within the gaming community, I mean after all we’re Mad! (See the pun I made there with the company name and…  well, you get it…)

Come and check us out at: http://www.madslug.com/

Feel free to follow us on: Facebook (facebook.com/MadSlug), Twitter (twitter@Mad_Slug) and Tumblr (mad-slug.tumblr.com), or feel free to e-mail (info[at]madslug.com).

We’re always happy to have supporters/people following us!