Blood, sweat and coding has gone into v2 of Kickin Kong and its only getting better.

The MadSlug team have cranked up the music, updated Unity and got down to business re-designing this user friendly, well structured game which will grip you as soon as the first pig farts!

With a combination of 10 levels, Kong will brave the subzero temperatures in Arctic Breeze, set up a Hippie Camp alongside his wacky customised Campervan, avoid the gigantic bats which swoop above his head in the zombified Crystal Ruins and play alongside the somersaulting turtles in Lagoon.

Each level consists of 3 lives, 100 kicks and a whole lot of craziness….and best of all, v2 will be available for FREE from the App Store around the end of November.

So why not give it a crack…or should I say kick!