Right then……cast your mind back a few weeks. Remember I dropped hints about our next game using #VanLife?

Well forget that…..for the time being anyway!

I’ve come to realise that one of the many ‘joys’ of working with someone who’s got a highly creative streak in them, is trying to keep up with all their ideas. Why don’t their brains ever switch off?

The thing is, I’m still affected by ‘baby brain’ but since my youngest is nearly 14 it doesn’t quite wash with many people, so keeping up with the Chief MadSlugger is no easy task. 😉

Remember the farting pig in Kickin Kong? We liked him (or is it a her?) so much we decided to make him the main character in our latest game ‘JetSet Piggy‘.

As the title suggests, he will ‘jet’ around having escaped the clutches of Farmer Smiles, avoiding obstacles and collecting items along the way, in this fast paced, highly addictive game.

In the meantime you can still download Kickin Kong, Divin Kong & Tumble Terra FREE from the iOS App Store.



Happy Days.