Hold on to your bananas… Kickin’ Kong is changing!

After much deliberation, we….well I say we…..Chief MadSlugger Conrad, has put his programming skills to the test once again and is in the process of redeveloping our original game.

Spanning over 10 levels, there’s a whole array of weird and wonderful wackiness. Where else would you see Crocodiles, Beavers, Lions and Zombie Bears being kicked in the air by a Monkey? Throw in a Camper Van (had to get one in somewhere just to shut me up…!!) and a pair of dancing Rabbits and you’re well on your way to some fun filled addictive monkey madness.

When can I download this awesome update I hear you ask with immense excitement?? Well, we’re hoping by July but in the meantime you can still download the original game here.

Happy days.