Well well, fancy that, eh?

Seems like our good friend ‘Kong’ has shown us all that he is indeed a multi-talented monkey. Come November 2014, we MadSluggers will be releasing MadSlug’s second mobile App game on the iTunes Store, in the form of ‘Divin’ Kong’, so, it shows that ‘Kong’ is not limited to just ‘kickin’ bananas it would seem, who knew?

The aim of the game is to make ‘Kong’ dive off the top of a board into the water, sounds simple right? Well, here’s the catch ladies and gentlemen, as you make ‘Kong’ dive off the board, you have to make him do tricks in the air, and finish the tricks before he hits the water or you lose. You have to ensure ‘Kong’ successfully dive with tricks 2 out of 3 times to win. And here’s the real kicker to it all, every time you win, the height of the diving board and amount of points you need to win increase with every round you advance to. Well, ‘Kong’ has got more nerve for jumping off these high heights than us MadSluggers do!

So, as we can all gather, ‘Kong’ is planning to DIVE into other things besides ‘kickin’ bananas, haha, that was good… No it wasn’t, I know, bad pun…

So keep your eyes peeled for ‘Divin’ Kong’, coming to the iTunes store during November of 2014!