Old School Gamers Univeristy

The one type of video-gaming we ‘MadSluggers’ adore more than anything is ‘Retrogaming’.

You know what we’re talking about, gaming that has emerged through the memory and playing of the classic video games from previous generations, hence why ‘Retrogaming’ is also known as ‘Old School Gaming’, or ‘Classic Gaming’. The games we adore are mostly those that emerged during the late 1970s-mid 1980s. The era during that time-frame is known worldwide as the ‘Golden Age” of Arcade Video Gaming. Ahh, the good old days…

Such examples of games we hold near and dear to our hearts would be old Arcade games such as Space Invaders (1978), and Pacman (1980) which are two flagship arcade games from that era. Any video game player who’s anyone will have heard of, if not played games from that time like Pacman and Space Invaders as well as others like Asteroids (1979), Galaxian (1979), Berzerk (1980).

Good job MadSlug is an ‘Indie’ Video Game company as ‘Indie Gaming’ is often linked to ‘retrogaming’, as ‘Indie Gaming’ often refers to a new game with elements you would find in old video games or ‘retro’ games as they are also known.

So now you know, now more than ever, we ‘MadSluggers’ are going old school and planning to bring video gaming back to the good old days…

And yes, we know that there is a chance that there may be some video-gamers that were born long after the games that have been mentioned, reading this thinking to themselves, “Woah, these guys are old…”